Wednesday, April 5, 2017

R2C2 Chasing CHiP the Dog

Next task on Robotics Specialization Course was to calibrate the motors, IMU and camera and then to build a differential drive controller to follow an April Tag. But unfortunately the Raspberry Pi v2 camera module I had turned out to be defective. Crying faceProbably it got damaged while sitting in my car for few days under scorching sun Sun
Fortunately Ruvinda Dambarage, one of my colleagues had a v1 camera that I could borrow. Angel
After working on this late night at workplace all was good. But what could be more cooler than using another robot to test your robot?
So here my WowWee CHiP robot Dog Dog face giving me a helping hand at April Tag handling while I do the Camerashooting required for the assignment. Hot smile

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