Wednesday, July 23, 2008

#132# - MobileCert


Few Weeks agoThe Sri Lanka Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (TRC) has issued a new set of guidelines in using mobile and CDMA phones. This step was taken to avert irregularities and illegal activities while minimizing threats to national security created by the irresponsible use of telephones. Under this the mobile operators in Sri Lanka was requested to implement a method to issue a certificate so that it can be validated that whether the registered owner is using the particular connection.

Few days ago Dialog has implemented this and with effect from today Mobitel is also activated this feature. Now issuing code #132# in a mobile phone provids a message with the registerd user name, ID and mobile number. So it is expected that the armed forces and other security institutions will start to inspect this in near future. So the user's are adviced to make sure that they use the connections with regulations set forth to avoid unwanted troubles.

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