Sunday, April 26, 2009

Google Similar Images. Since a picture worth 1000+ words.

Google has recently launched the Google Similar Images feature which is an experimental service from Google Labs that lets you find images that are similar with an image you select. For example if you do a Image search for “Jaguar”  You might receive something like below.
Now If you meant about the ‘cat’ You could click On Similar Images. (Notice the similar features of the images. Background color etc..)
Or more pictures of the brand of car. (Notice the similar features of the images. Background color Car orientation, Color etc… In fact all are different versions of same image…)image
Well That’s the example of Google themselves. Now I’m going to do few of my own searches.
Hmm well what does I search? Since I was fond of flowers recentlysmile_wink let’s try some flowers.
Search for Water Lily.
Now If I wanted to see Pink Water Lily (නෙළුම් මල්). (In fact single pink water lily on mostly dark back ground.)
or White water Lily (ඕලු මල්) (In fact single white water lily on mostly dark back ground.)
It’s very easy.
Now If I was looking for pictures with only one Pink water Lily it would be really difficult with just Image search.
Now Let’s try about Cherry blossom flowersmile_wink
Hmm I think I like to have similar Images to 1st results. (Single cherry blossom flower on white back ground.)
Well 1st 2 pictures are OK. but rest? Well in fact it seems there are no any similar pictures of my cherry blossom flower and considering the image features we may consider the rest is similar to cherry blossom flowers. After all Google bots are just poor bots.
Hmm So what next? Well I do really like to have a feature that would let us to upload our own Image to Google and do a Similar Image search.smile_nerd
Hard at play in Google Labs with Similar Images and Google News Timeline
Google Similar Images
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நிமல்-NiMaL said...

very informative and useful post...

and its nice to hear that you are "fond of flowers recently" :-)

Pramuditha Aravinda said...

Hmm I'm just wondering what do they call to "Parasathu flower" in English. ;-)
And by the way it's just that I have a liking for flowers and nothing else on it. :-P