Friday, July 15, 2011

Kinect Services for RDS 2008 R3

Now with the release of Kinect SDK for Windows, Microsoft is putting a lot of bang on the next generation human computer interaction technology to the mainstream PC. This time it’s none other than the Kinect Services for Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio - a Windows-based environment for hobbyist, academic and commercial developers to create robotics applications for a variety of hardware platforms.Thumbs up
Similar to Kinect SDK for Windows 7 Kinect Services for RDS 2008 R3 is available at Microsoft Research site for free download. According to the site, “Kinect Services for RDS provides sample services that use the Kinect for Windows SDK to allow access to the Depth and RGB data from a Kinect sensor. In addition to a service for a real Kinect, there is also a service for a simulated Kinect that works with the RDS simulator.”
Kinect Services for RDS 2008 R3 is vailable for download at:
There’s already a tutorial of powering the Kinect using iRobot’s internal battery is available at
Now that’s one more reason to buy a Kinect Sensor. Hot smile
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