Monday, December 22, 2008

Memories of Kerala


ACM ICPC Regional at Amritapuri site was held during 5th December - 7th December at Amrita University, Amritapuri Campus, Kerala, India. I got the opportunity participate in this fabulous event for the 1st and last time in my life.
The event was well organized (Compared to the Kanpur regional for which I fortunately did not participated), Hospitality, Acomodation, Food and other facilities were superb. It was a great experience participating in this contest and I wish I'll have another chance in future to participate as a coach as well (Of cource then it becomes all about having fun without the burden of the contest ;-) )

December 4 - Day1
We reached at Amrita University, settled down and had a brief visit around the campus village.

Amrita Vishwa Vidya Peetham

Let's play some TT

December 5 - Day2
Official commencement of the On site regional and Practice Sessions and Visit to 'Asram'.

A Heartiest Welcome!

Practice Session - What?! 1 is prime in India?!!

On the way to the Asram

A Snooker round. Aim it and Pocket the Glory B-)

December 6 - Day 3
The big Day. Battle of Brains, Cultural Program

The Big Battle.

All relaxed after the hefty battle. Well We also scored a balloon B-)

Awards Ceremony

Cultural program. - The legend of Rama.

Cultural program. - Rock'n Roll Sonia. ;-)

All's Well. Ends Well.

December 7 - Day 4
Visit to Tenmala.
On the way to Tenmala.

Shoot 'em Up! - Bang! Bang!!. B-) :-P
Let's have a ride.

December 8 - Day 5
Back to motherland.
Glad to see the motherland again. :-)


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