Thursday, January 8, 2009

Coaching iRobots to play Sumo. B-)

Since the Algorithms and Project Hoshimi Invitationals has been removed from Imagine Cup -the world’s premier student technology competition, a new theme, named Robotics & Algorithms which is based on Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio products has been introduced. The task during Round 1 is to program a simulated robot entity simulated based on iRobot Create to successfully defeat an opponent in a Sumo ring.Even though it was not clear at first what to do. A clear step-by step guide has been published on Apps Community for MRDS. After meddling trough the code and changing few parameters and algorithms I was able to successfully modify the sample project provided with challenge kit to compete in a more reliable fashion.

Wow it's a win by 3-0. Well It was just luck in 1st round that my robot win. And during next rounds opponents goes out of the ring by itself :-P Anybody dare for a Sumo round?

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