Sunday, January 18, 2009

[Drum Roll…] Here Comes Windows 7…


On January 9th Microsoft has released Beta version of it’s next version of Windows operating system, Windows 7(formerly codenamed Blackcomb and Vienna). In fact I did received the news a bit later and was lucky to download the ISO within 2~3 hours thanks to the high-speed link in LEARN ;-) and since the rush hour was gone…

Well the installation experience was similar to the Vista installation. (And of course ended up with around 8GB used for base OS installation just like in Vista)

New Features in Windows 7 (Build 7000)

A new feature in the productivity is the jump lists in frequently used programs. In this way it is easy to jump into the most recently open document straight away in a single click from the start menu.

Jump Lists

Now it’s much easy to organize the windows by just a mouse gesture. (I suppose it would be much more initiative and fun on a touch sensitive screen as Windows 7 is multi touch enabled) Just drag your window to the top edge of the screen to maximize, drag down to restore, drag to the side corner to fill that half and drag from the bottom to maximize vertically.

The taskbar is also improved. Now it’s height is increased and only the window icon is displayed making it is possible to display more groups/programs opened. The It is also possible to temporally highlight a hidden window by hovering the mouse pointer over a full screen thumbnails in taskbar. This works for the minimized windows as well.

Note: It seems that the screen casts recorded with Windows Media Encoder 9 has poor quality though the recording was really easy.

It also seems the Sinhala Unicode works straight out of the box. (Of course Vista had only minor issues if there was any)


There are more features with the Windows 7. for more information you may read, What's new in Windows 7: Faster & easier

And this is my first experience with the Windows Live Writer it seems lot more easy and fun blogging with it. (In fact I prefer desktop applications to web applications. B-) ) Let’s see whether it works correctly with my blogger account.

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