Sunday, July 5, 2009

Day 2 – 24 Hours hectic programming…

Today is the start of the competition day. Hmm 24 hours of continuous time to compete. Had to rush trough competition check in before repeat competitor briefing since it was really late when we arrived yesterday.
We were given a new version of the Sumo challenger to code. And were explained that the competition will be hosted in simulation environment for the fairness for all the competitors and in addition we were given real physical robots to play with and to create a robot that can do a particular action to a vision stimulus. That would be a mandatory challenge that would give few more bonus points.
Real robots ready to play.
I’m coding and playing with the real robots.
Even this is a 24 ours continuous competition, competitors were allowed to have their time. It was even allowed to go out of the competition hall and have a rest at your hotel room or even work from there.
The most apparent change in the new challenge kit is that it mimics the real robots behavior. now robots do rarely go over other.
So Let’s see back on next day. Big Big battle day!

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