Monday, July 6, 2009

Day 3 – Fat and Greasy battles…


Today is the day 3 of the Imagine Cup 2009 world finals. The Big big battle day.

All the competitors had completed their coding. (And by the we learned that Gauna, the fellow competitor who was sick and had been working from his room had to fly back to his country. Anyway his robot will play on behalf of him)

There were battles organized between each player. (So altogether 15 battles) Each battle would consists of 3 matches which each consists of 3 rounds of 60 seconds in length. If you beat the opponent in more number of rounds you win the match. If you beat the opponent in more number of matches you win the battle. A win in a battle give 3 points,  tie is given 1 point for each and loose is 0 points.

Apart from that each participant were given a bonus mark of up to 3 depending on their achievement with the real robots. Byron and Gauna were awarded 3 points each and all the other were given 1 point for this task.

So at the end the leader board was as follows.      

Competitor Name Country Battles Wins Ties Defeats Score
Pablo Gauna
Argentina 5 1 0 4 +6
Byron Knoll (Yokozuna) Caneda 5 4 0 1 +15
Fuming Lin (ZeroLin) China 5 3 0 2 +10
Imrich Zivcak (Goldie) Czech Republic 5 1 0 4 +4
Lukas Perutka (Srotbot) Czech Republic 5 4 0 1 +13
Pramuditha Aravinda (QUT0268) Sri Lanka 5 2 0 3 +7

We also had a fun session with the robots after the end of the competition.

Hmm so that’s it. But anyway I was presented with the robot that I was playing with considering my achievements so far. Wow… I like you Robbie…

Competition Update:

Our embedded team and Software design team has been ended up in top 12. Here I have been to 4th place. Now we are keeping our faith regarding the Mash Up team to have a big big prize whose results will be released on world festival on 7th.

[Note: This post will be updated with photos and videos once processed)

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நிமல்-NiMaL said...

Its great to see you guys are leading to the top...!


Arkad said...

Will the IC2010 have a robotics competition too?

Pramuditha Aravinda said...

That depends. If MRDS product team sponser the prizes it will be held on next year as well.

Arkad said...

Ok, thx mate. By the way, what´s your email?

Pramuditha Aravinda said...

aravindadp on gmail is me.

hp said...


great achievement.

carry on this form and the eagerness .....

proud of you...